Here are your Rising Strong Retreat hosts, Shane Kokas and Anna Morris. Shane and Anna share a common purpose of trying to elevate people through physical activity, positivity and proper mindsets. 

Shane and Anna teach men and women how to live fit, happy lives without guilt or regret. They give their clients tools to create a life that is balanced, enjoyable and can be shared with loved ones. Shane and Anna allow them to be challenged, supported and unapologetically themselves. 

Shane and Anna acknowledge the importantance of surrounding yourself with an arsenal of bad ass, positive people to help you rise up in your life. They initially met when Anna was apart of the interview process where Shane applied for a  position at the gym she was working at. 

Though they only knew each other for minutes, it was like they knew each other their entire lives. They bonded over their small town childhoods, passion for fitness, love of travel and wine and gin. 

Anna and Shane have sat beside one another through many of life's highs and lows. They realize that without the support of one another, the challenge of one another, they would not have be able to overcome some of their toughest hardships. 

Anna and Shane created this retreat, so they can help ensure you too, Rise Strong.

Anna Morris

Anna has been entrenched in the health and wellness industry for over 10 years. Anna is a Kinesiologist, a Personal Trainer and founder of Rebel Fit Conditioning. 

Anna works with a wide range of clients, specializing in making people feel sexy, strong and confident in their bodies through resistance training, nutrition and proper mindset. 

There are a lot of narratives surrounding how a person should workout, what they should eat and how they should feel about themselves. Anna emphasizes breaking away from these preconceived stories by training, eating and thinking, like a Rebel. 


Anna hold's a Degree in Kinesiology, a Pre/Post Natal Specialist through Bellies Inc. and is an INBF Bikini Competitor.  

Shane Kokas

Voted Top Trainers in Edmonton, Shane has been a full time Personal Trainer since 2011 and is the owner of his own personal training company. 
Over the years Shane has had the honour of working with The Provincial Fitness Unit of Alberta, NAIT and has contributed articles to The Fitness Informer Magazine, YEG Fitness Magazine, as well as his own blog.
Shane works with clients of varying goals, but being a kid picked last in gym class, he has created a niche working with those who experience anxiety surrounding fitness and the gym setting. 
Shane aims to empower men and women by emphasizing strength, proper mindset and living a balanced, non-extremist life. 
Shane earned his diploma in Personal Training thought NAIT, holds a certification with CSEP and Precision Nutrition. 

We cannot wait to see you at the Rising Strong Retreat. We are eager to begin working beside you to help you Rise Up within your life. 


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See you soon, 

Shane and Anna




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